Deep Shadows

IV. Harvestmonth 4

- Blaine leads the group to Alethport Textiles where he commissions Paol the Tailor to craft a burlap hood that will cover his newly disfigured face. Alton and Tobias commission some tailoring jobs as well.
- The group returns to the Alethport sewers where they must solve a riddle to gain access to the sewers’ lower level. Tobias cracks the riddle with the help of Greech and Blaine.
- Upon descending to the sewer’s lower level, the heavy stone door slams shut behind the party, barring an easy escape.
- The group is soon attacked by a trio of filthspawned zombies. A zombie in rusted armor and a soiled golden tabard is discovered to be the reanimated corpse of Amavand Saberheart, a disciple of Heshar who had been ordered by his church to investigate a possible undead disturbance in Alethport.
- The group observes a pair of filthspawned kobold zombies carrying a corpse through the sewers and quickly dispatches them.
- After scuttling up a slime-covered cavern wall, Greech falls 60 feet and nearly dies. The group must set up a makeshift camp to nurse him back to relative health.
- The party spots a group of fleeing sewer rats and goes to find what they’re fleeing from. They eventually find another trio of filthspawned kobold zombies.



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