Deep Shadows

V. Harvestmonth 4

- After taking down the trio of filthspawned kobolds, the party notices a narrow opening in the cavern wall in front of them. They enter the opening and follow a short stone stairwell down into a flooded underground chamber. Here the group encounters and eventually defeats two kobold slingers, two kobold skirmishers, and a filthspawned kobold, but not before the kobolds lure Tobias into a submerged sludge pit where he thrashes around for a couple of turns before breaking free.
- The group ascends to a second chamber which is mercifully free of sewage. Three yapping kobold skirmishers taunt the players into pursuing them across the room, setting off several poison dart traps in the process. After the battle, the players find a crude altar to Tiamat. Blaine pockets its idol and the group divvies up the monetary offerings they find. Having finally arrived on terra firma, the group decides to get a full night’s rest.



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