Deep Shadows

V. Harvestmonth 5

- While the group sleeps, The Pride of the North departs from Alethport.
- After their rest, the group follows another stairwell upwards to a chamber full of ransacked sarcophagi. There is also a pit of brownish sludge and a heap of decaying bodies. Two kobold slingers harass the players from atop a pair of ten foot platforms while a pair of filthspawned kobolds rush forward to confront them directly. Greech climbs atop the southern pillar and is quickly immobilized by the kobold slinger’s glueshot. At this point a guard drake and a third filthspawned kobold appear to engage him. The party eventually defeats their foes, although a second guard drake, wounded, manages to escape down a long hallway to an adjacent chamber.
- The group decides to give chase and falls directly into the kobolds’ vicious rolling boulder trap. Tobias and Alton are run down by the massive boulder while Blaine and Greech manage to leap out of its path just in time.



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