Deep Shadows

VI. Harvestmonth 6

- After a rest in the dank catacombs, the party discovers a secret door and opens it with a key pilfered from the kobold wyrmpriest’s belongings. They follow a long passage to an underground chamber where they discover the Alethport sewers’ real threat: a vile demon known as a filth lord. The group defeats it along with a legion of its repulsive minions and follows the path up the surface which Ganondolf knows.
- Ascending through the catacombs, the group becomes aware that they are within the D’Yues Family Crypt, a part of Alethport‘s royal burial ground. Blaine indulges in some ill-advised grave robbing while Dyne, a member of the Alethport Guard, turns a blind eye and makes his way to the surface alone. The group sets off several traps and is eventually chased out of the crypt by a quartet of stone defender homunculi.
- Upon reaching the surface, the group goes their separate ways. Tobias sends an animal messenger to update the Rat Mother on the party’s progress. He then retreats to the wilderness surrounding the city to spend a night of reflection in the forest. Dyne goes off alone to report to his guard captain about what has transpired beneath the city. His captain is incredulous and suggests that Dyne take a few days off. Wandering the city, Dyne begins to question his devotion to the Alethport Guard as well as the direction that his life is taking. Alton does some reflecting of his own and undergoes a substantial shift in morality.
- While Tobias reposes in the forest and Dyne wanders the city streets, the rest of the group takes a room in the Turquoise Fist for the night. While they’re asleep, a visibly changed Sully creeps into their room along with a group of four thugs. Although the group is caught unawares, they manage to hastily throw on their armor and ready their weapons and are eventually able to down Sully for the final time. The group returns to bed and decides to deal with the problem of five dead bodies in the morning.



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