Deep Shadows

VII. Harvestmonth 7

- The four players staying at the Turquoise Fist rise and set about taking care of the corpses littering their room. Ganondolf slips downstairs for breakfast, where he is confronted by Martin, the innkeeper of the Turquoise Fist. Ganondolf feigns ignorance of the previous night’s scuffle and Martin momentarily leaves him in peace. In the meantime, Alton, Blaine, and Greech decide to butcher the corpses in their room so that they might stuff them into the trunks by each of their beds. They hack the bodies apart, stuff them into the trunks, but then decide to leave the bloody mess behind and flee the inn. Blaine sneaks through the second floor window and escapes unnoticed. Greech tumbles clumsily out of the same window but is nevertheless able to escape thanks to Alton‘s boldness. Alton marches downstairs, drenched in blood and gore, and confronts Martin. In a fit of demonic rage, Alton accuses Martin of allowing Sully and his thugs to enter the party’s rooms, throws the innkeeper to the ground, and marches out of the Turquoise Fist. The four then meet up with Dyne and Tobias, and the party goes down to the seaside to wash the gore from their armor.
- The group returns to Councilman Kongar and tells him of their ordeal in the sewers. He appears shocked and unbelieving of their tale, although some of the party don’t trust his response. He nevertheless rewards them for their efforts and informs them that the knight Sir Marrec de Lannion requests their presence at Tolbroc Tower to the northwest.
- The group travels to Tolbroc Tower and has a brief meeting with Sir Marrec. The knight listens to their story and tells them of the Nightwatch, a secret organization based in and around Alethport which is probing into the causes of the numerous strange occurrences which are plaguing the region. To be admitted into the organization, the players must perform a task for Sir Marrec: investigate the disappearance of dozens of children from the area of Kerity, a small town not far from Alethport.
- The group travels to Kerity, where they are introduced to Reeve Padrig Caen, the local governor. Reeve Caen reiterates the story that Sir Marrec has already told to the players and tells them that they will have free room and board at the Brinewind Guesthouse for the duration of their stay in Kerity. At this point, all the players except for Dyne retire to the inn. Dyne, instead, returns to his farmstead home which is not far from the center of Kerity. When he arrives, his distraught mother gives him a terrible piece of news: his youngest sibling, Jennifer, is among the missing children of Kerity.



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