Deep Shadows

VII. Harvestmonth 8

- The party reunites at Dyne’s family home, not far from the center of Kerity. Together they go to search the fields at the edges of the Wallace farmstead, where Jennifer was last seen. After an hour of searching, the group comes across an old, overgrown game trail and they follow it into the forest. After some scouting, they decide to follow the trail north.
- As the group follows the game trail north, they hear strange voices in the woods and follows them to a small lake where other supernatural phenomena occur. The group scouts the area and decides to continue along the game trail. The game trail eventually leads them to an old house not far from the lake. Peering into the windows, the group witnesses a grisly scene: a creature dressed in jester’s attire commands a group of possessed children to carve up a 10-year-old child and serve her raw flesh to an old woman. The group does not hesitate to burst into the house and eventually defeats the gray jester and the green hag. They are also able to save all eleven children present, including Jennifer Wallace.



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