Deep Shadows

VIII. Harvestmonth 9

- The party borrows some horses from Reeve Caen and returns to Tolbroc Tower to meet with Sir Marrec. The group tells Sir Marrec the same spurious story that they’d told to Reeve Caen and manage to dupe the knight as well. Sir Marrec congratulates the party on their success and informs them that their formal initiation into the Nightwatch will take place the next day, after sundown. In the meantime, party decides to stay in Tolbroc Tower until their initiation.
- Alton has a private tête-à-tête with Sir Marrec.
- Tobias questions some guards about the Nightwatch, but they know nothing. He also sends an animal messenger to Councilman Kongar in Alethport.
- After nightfall, Tobias transforms into a spider and creeps into Sir Marrec’s private quarters to search for anything suspicious that the knight might have. He finds some innocuous-seeming correspondences and little else.
- Later that night the party is awoken by the shouting of guards and Sir Marrec bursts into the chamber. He tells them to arm themselves and report to the cliffs on the north side of the tower at once. The group obeys, except for Tobias, who seizes the opportunity to investigate Sir Marrec’s private quarters once more. He looks through the knight’s documents more closely and finds the symbol of an open eye in the palm of a gloved hand on several correspondences. He sketches the symbol and then returns to meet up with the group.
- Outside the tower, Sir Marrec informs the party and an assembled group of guards that the halfling merchant vessel Brandybuck has fired its distress flares not far from the cliffs where Tolbroc Tower stands. Scouts report that a group of sahuagin have besieged the ship.
- The party descends the cliffs, along with Sir Marrec and the assembled guards, and are met on the beaches below by a group of sahuagin that emerges from the waves. The group fights them off, mans the rowboats that the guards keep moored below, and paddle out to meet the floundering Brandybuck.
- Upon reaching the Brandybuck, the party joins in the defense of the halfling merchants, as humans, halflings, and the players combine forces to battle the sahuagin that circle the sinking caravel. The sahuagin succeed in scuttling the Brandybuck, but not before the surviving halflings jump into the vessel’s lifeboats and paddle to safety. As the caravel sinks to the ocean floor, it creates a vortex that drags Dyne, Tobias, Ganondolf, and the halfling captain down with it. Dyne and the captain are able to swim to safety, but Tobias and Ganondolf are sucked downwards and begin to drown. Blaine ties a rope to his waist and, with the help of Greech, swims out to his sinking comrades and manages to pull them both to safety.
- With the remaining sahuagin apparently disappeared, the surviving combatants paddle back to shore.



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