Deep Shadows

I. Harvestmonth 2

- Tobias, Greech, and Alton find discreet places to sleep for a few more hours. When they awake, Tobias and Greech attempt to cure each other’s diseases. Tobias succeeds in curing Greech of filth fever, but Greech botches his treatment and exacerbates Tobias‘s case of filth fever.
- Blaine finds another shady alley to rest in and is discovered by the same guardsmen who had previous warned him to stay off the city’s streets. They arrest him and take him off to spend a night in the city jail.
- Tobias and the others book a room for the day at the Turquoise Fist Inn.

I. Harvestmonth 1

- The Pride of the North arrives in Alethport, carrying Alton and Greech. After a scuffle with the locals, the pair meets Tobias, who later introduces them to Blaine. The four agree to work together for Councilman Deniel Kongar, who has asked them to clear the city’s vermin-infested sewers.
- The group makes their first descent into the labyrinthine sewers. They encounter swarms of rats as well as some zombies and a massive crocodile coated in grime.
- Tobias and Greech are attacked by a trio of filthspawned zombies and both contract filth fever as a result.
- Having found several exits from the sewers, the group decides to return to the surface to rest for the night. Blaine convinces the group to sleep in an alley, and after some hours they are all awoken by members of the Alethport Guard who tell them to vacate.


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