Heshar the Preserver of Truths

Heshar, the Preserver of Truths: Goddess of Truth, Balance, Order, Wisdom, Natural Law

Appearance: A winged woman outfitted in dazzling silver plate armor. She has three golden eyes and carries a long, silver war hammer. Her wings are covered in razor sharp feathers. Her face is an emotionless mask: she never smiles, nor frowns.

Divine Origins: Heshar, along with Nir, sprung directly from the Void at the moment of Creation.

Ethos: Lawful neutral.

Sacred places: Plains, plateaus, most flat open spaces.

Worshippers: Judges, arbiters, druids, hunters of the undead, hunters of aberrations.

Symbol: Two wings pointing upwards with a trio of eyes between them.

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Heshar the Preserver of Truths

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