The Nightwatch

The Nightwatch is a small group of soldiers, clerics, and other concerned citizens living in and around the city of Alethport. The group operates under a moderate level of secrecy to investigate a series of strange goings on in the area of Alethport and in the larger region of western Ormorica which the group’s founding members believe may be interrelated.

Brief History
The Nightwatch is quite a new organization, having been formally founded in Brightsunmonth of this year. It was in that period that Gael the Green sent word to Sir Marrec describing troubling happenings in the forests and rural communities of western Ormorica. The two consulted mutual contacts within Alethport, where similarly strange occurrences had been reported. Fearing that sinister forces might be afoot, and displeased with the ruling class’s inadequate response to the area’s rise in crime, disappearances, and other strange phenomena, a small circle of concerned citizens thus formed the Nightwatch.

The Organization
Headquarters: Tolbroc Tower, near Alethport, Ormorica.
Members: ~25
Hierarchy: Militaristic.
Leaders: Sir Marrec de Lannion, Archdruid Gael the Green, Father Corentin Santing.
Religion: None. (Members may adhere to different faiths, but their allegiances to each other are not tied to religion.)
Alignment: Good.
Secrecy: Medium.
Symbol: A black-gloved hand, its fingers splayed, with an open eye in its palm.

Although no strong hierarchy is in place, Sir Marrec de Lannion, Archdruid Gael the Green, and Father Corentin Santing have assumed a joint role of leadership over the group. Other founding members include Councilman Deniel Kongar, Arzhel Konan (head of a minor noble house in Alethport), Loic Trelan (guildmaster of the Alethport dockworkers’ guild), Roland Bayle (a member of the Alethport Guard), Robert Montel (an area spice trader), and Mael Lachat (a farmer from the Kerity area). Other members have since joined the Nightwatch, and the delegation of orders and responsibilities generally travels vertically, down from the group’s “leaders”, to its founding members, and finally to its newcomers.

Motivation and Goals
The goals of the Nightwatch are simple and straightforward: to determine the source of the strange events plaguing Alethport and its environs, and to take the measures necessary to end them.

The Nightwatch has no formal allies, but it does have connections with several other groups in the area by virtue of its members. The presence of Councilman Deniel Kongar within the Nightwatch provides the group with inroads to Alethport’s governing class. Similarly, nobleman Arzhel Konan has connections to many of Alethport’s noble families. Before the disappearance of Gael the Green, the Nightwatch enjoyed communications with the druids of Ormorica, but that line of communication has since fallen silent.

The only established enemies of the Nightwatch are the forces—if they in fact exist as an organized group—that have been tainting the area of Alethport with their presence. Additionally, there are suspicions among certain members of the Nightwatch that some local people, belonging to various strata of society, may be seeking to hamper the group’s investigations. These suspicions are as of yet unconfirmed, but provide the group with an important reason to maintain its secrecy.

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The Nightwatch

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