Deep Shadows

VIII. Harvestmonth 9

- The party borrows some horses from Reeve Caen and returns to Tolbroc Tower to meet with Sir Marrec. The group tells Sir Marrec the same spurious story that they’d told to Reeve Caen and manage to dupe the knight as well. Sir Marrec congratulates the party on their success and informs them that their formal initiation into the Nightwatch will take place the next day, after sundown. In the meantime, party decides to stay in Tolbroc Tower until their initiation.
- Alton has a private tête-à-tête with Sir Marrec.
- Tobias questions some guards about the Nightwatch, but they know nothing. He also sends an animal messenger to Councilman Kongar in Alethport.
- After nightfall, Tobias transforms into a spider and creeps into Sir Marrec’s private quarters to search for anything suspicious that the knight might have. He finds some innocuous-seeming correspondences and little else.
- Later that night the party is awoken by the shouting of guards and Sir Marrec bursts into the chamber. He tells them to arm themselves and report to the cliffs on the north side of the tower at once. The group obeys, except for Tobias, who seizes the opportunity to investigate Sir Marrec’s private quarters once more. He looks through the knight’s documents more closely and finds the symbol of an open eye in the palm of a gloved hand on several correspondences. He sketches the symbol and then returns to meet up with the group.
- Outside the tower, Sir Marrec informs the party and an assembled group of guards that the halfling merchant vessel Brandybuck has fired its distress flares not far from the cliffs where Tolbroc Tower stands. Scouts report that a group of sahuagin have besieged the ship.
- The party descends the cliffs, along with Sir Marrec and the assembled guards, and are met on the beaches below by a group of sahuagin that emerges from the waves. The group fights them off, mans the rowboats that the guards keep moored below, and paddle out to meet the floundering Brandybuck.
- Upon reaching the Brandybuck, the party joins in the defense of the halfling merchants, as humans, halflings, and the players combine forces to battle the sahuagin that circle the sinking caravel. The sahuagin succeed in scuttling the Brandybuck, but not before the surviving halflings jump into the vessel’s lifeboats and paddle to safety. As the caravel sinks to the ocean floor, it creates a vortex that drags Dyne, Tobias, Ganondolf, and the halfling captain down with it. Dyne and the captain are able to swim to safety, but Tobias and Ganondolf are sucked downwards and begin to drown. Blaine ties a rope to his waist and, with the help of Greech, swims out to his sinking comrades and manages to pull them both to safety.
- With the remaining sahuagin apparently disappeared, the surviving combatants paddle back to shore.

VIII. Harvestmonth 8

- Under cover of darkness, the party carries the rescued children back to the center of Kerity while Dyne takes his sister Jennifer to the Wallace Farmstead for an emotional reunion with their family.
- The party arrives at Reeve Caen’s house and convince the reeve that the children had simply gotten lost in the forests near Kerity and been attacked by coyotes. Everyone retires to the Brinewind Guesthouse except for Blaine, who wishes to meet with the parents of the half-cannibalized girl that he nursed backed to health. When they arrive to collect their child, he offers them 10 gp to have their daughter healed and they promise to sing his praises throughout the town of Kerity.

VII. Harvestmonth 8

- The party reunites at Dyne’s family home, not far from the center of Kerity. Together they go to search the fields at the edges of the Wallace farmstead, where Jennifer was last seen. After an hour of searching, the group comes across an old, overgrown game trail and they follow it into the forest. After some scouting, they decide to follow the trail north.
- As the group follows the game trail north, they hear strange voices in the woods and follows them to a small lake where other supernatural phenomena occur. The group scouts the area and decides to continue along the game trail. The game trail eventually leads them to an old house not far from the lake. Peering into the windows, the group witnesses a grisly scene: a creature dressed in jester’s attire commands a group of possessed children to carve up a 10-year-old child and serve her raw flesh to an old woman. The group does not hesitate to burst into the house and eventually defeats the gray jester and the green hag. They are also able to save all eleven children present, including Jennifer Wallace.

VII. Harvestmonth 7

- The four players staying at the Turquoise Fist rise and set about taking care of the corpses littering their room. Ganondolf slips downstairs for breakfast, where he is confronted by Martin, the innkeeper of the Turquoise Fist. Ganondolf feigns ignorance of the previous night’s scuffle and Martin momentarily leaves him in peace. In the meantime, Alton, Blaine, and Greech decide to butcher the corpses in their room so that they might stuff them into the trunks by each of their beds. They hack the bodies apart, stuff them into the trunks, but then decide to leave the bloody mess behind and flee the inn. Blaine sneaks through the second floor window and escapes unnoticed. Greech tumbles clumsily out of the same window but is nevertheless able to escape thanks to Alton‘s boldness. Alton marches downstairs, drenched in blood and gore, and confronts Martin. In a fit of demonic rage, Alton accuses Martin of allowing Sully and his thugs to enter the party’s rooms, throws the innkeeper to the ground, and marches out of the Turquoise Fist. The four then meet up with Dyne and Tobias, and the party goes down to the seaside to wash the gore from their armor.
- The group returns to Councilman Kongar and tells him of their ordeal in the sewers. He appears shocked and unbelieving of their tale, although some of the party don’t trust his response. He nevertheless rewards them for their efforts and informs them that the knight Sir Marrec de Lannion requests their presence at Tolbroc Tower to the northwest.
- The group travels to Tolbroc Tower and has a brief meeting with Sir Marrec. The knight listens to their story and tells them of the Nightwatch, a secret organization based in and around Alethport which is probing into the causes of the numerous strange occurrences which are plaguing the region. To be admitted into the organization, the players must perform a task for Sir Marrec: investigate the disappearance of dozens of children from the area of Kerity, a small town not far from Alethport.
- The group travels to Kerity, where they are introduced to Reeve Padrig Caen, the local governor. Reeve Caen reiterates the story that Sir Marrec has already told to the players and tells them that they will have free room and board at the Brinewind Guesthouse for the duration of their stay in Kerity. At this point, all the players except for Dyne retire to the inn. Dyne, instead, returns to his farmstead home which is not far from the center of Kerity. When he arrives, his distraught mother gives him a terrible piece of news: his youngest sibling, Jennifer, is among the missing children of Kerity.

VI. Harvestmonth 6

- After a rest in the dank catacombs, the party discovers a secret door and opens it with a key pilfered from the kobold wyrmpriest’s belongings. They follow a long passage to an underground chamber where they discover the Alethport sewers’ real threat: a vile demon known as a filth lord. The group defeats it along with a legion of its repulsive minions and follows the path up the surface which Ganondolf knows.
- Ascending through the catacombs, the group becomes aware that they are within the D’Yues Family Crypt, a part of Alethport‘s royal burial ground. Blaine indulges in some ill-advised grave robbing while Dyne, a member of the Alethport Guard, turns a blind eye and makes his way to the surface alone. The group sets off several traps and is eventually chased out of the crypt by a quartet of stone defender homunculi.
- Upon reaching the surface, the group goes their separate ways. Tobias sends an animal messenger to update the Rat Mother on the party’s progress. He then retreats to the wilderness surrounding the city to spend a night of reflection in the forest. Dyne goes off alone to report to his guard captain about what has transpired beneath the city. His captain is incredulous and suggests that Dyne take a few days off. Wandering the city, Dyne begins to question his devotion to the Alethport Guard as well as the direction that his life is taking. Alton does some reflecting of his own and undergoes a substantial shift in morality.
- While Tobias reposes in the forest and Dyne wanders the city streets, the rest of the group takes a room in the Turquoise Fist for the night. While they’re asleep, a visibly changed Sully creeps into their room along with a group of four thugs. Although the group is caught unawares, they manage to hastily throw on their armor and ready their weapons and are eventually able to down Sully for the final time. The group returns to bed and decides to deal with the problem of five dead bodies in the morning.

VI. Harvestmonth 5

- The group survives the insidious kobolds’ final trap and eventually defeats a kobold wyrmpriest, the den’s apparent leader, and his personal guard.
- The four original adventurers discover Dyne and Ganondolf, who had apparently been kept as the kobolds’ prisoners, but they decide to wait until after a good night’s rest to release them.

V. Harvestmonth 5

- While the group sleeps, The Pride of the North departs from Alethport.
- After their rest, the group follows another stairwell upwards to a chamber full of ransacked sarcophagi. There is also a pit of brownish sludge and a heap of decaying bodies. Two kobold slingers harass the players from atop a pair of ten foot platforms while a pair of filthspawned kobolds rush forward to confront them directly. Greech climbs atop the southern pillar and is quickly immobilized by the kobold slinger’s glueshot. At this point a guard drake and a third filthspawned kobold appear to engage him. The party eventually defeats their foes, although a second guard drake, wounded, manages to escape down a long hallway to an adjacent chamber.
- The group decides to give chase and falls directly into the kobolds’ vicious rolling boulder trap. Tobias and Alton are run down by the massive boulder while Blaine and Greech manage to leap out of its path just in time.

V. Harvestmonth 4

- After taking down the trio of filthspawned kobolds, the party notices a narrow opening in the cavern wall in front of them. They enter the opening and follow a short stone stairwell down into a flooded underground chamber. Here the group encounters and eventually defeats two kobold slingers, two kobold skirmishers, and a filthspawned kobold, but not before the kobolds lure Tobias into a submerged sludge pit where he thrashes around for a couple of turns before breaking free.
- The group ascends to a second chamber which is mercifully free of sewage. Three yapping kobold skirmishers taunt the players into pursuing them across the room, setting off several poison dart traps in the process. After the battle, the players find a crude altar to Tiamat. Blaine pockets its idol and the group divvies up the monetary offerings they find. Having finally arrived on terra firma, the group decides to get a full night’s rest.

IV. Harvestmonth 4

- Blaine leads the group to Alethport Textiles where he commissions Paol the Tailor to craft a burlap hood that will cover his newly disfigured face. Alton and Tobias commission some tailoring jobs as well.
- The group returns to the Alethport sewers where they must solve a riddle to gain access to the sewers’ lower level. Tobias cracks the riddle with the help of Greech and Blaine.
- Upon descending to the sewer’s lower level, the heavy stone door slams shut behind the party, barring an easy escape.
- The group is soon attacked by a trio of filthspawned zombies. A zombie in rusted armor and a soiled golden tabard is discovered to be the reanimated corpse of Amavand Saberheart, a disciple of Heshar who had been ordered by his church to investigate a possible undead disturbance in Alethport.
- The group observes a pair of filthspawned kobold zombies carrying a corpse through the sewers and quickly dispatches them.
- After scuttling up a slime-covered cavern wall, Greech falls 60 feet and nearly dies. The group must set up a makeshift camp to nurse him back to relative health.
- The party spots a group of fleeing sewer rats and goes to find what they’re fleeing from. They eventually find another trio of filthspawned kobold zombies.

II. Harvestmonth 2

- While Tobias recovers at the Turquoise Fist, Greech and Alton go out to find what became of Blaine. They go to the Mangy Nag to search for information and end up getting into a sticky situation with Colette, the serving maid, and Sully, the barkeep. The duo leaves Sully unconscious and barely clinging to life and later find out that Blaine is being kept in the Alethport Jail. They decide to wait for Blaine’s release the next day and spend the rest of the day resting.


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