The Magocratic Republic of Clane


Capital: Bodengate.

Government: Magocracy (a council of five archmages).


Races: Humans, some halflings, some dwarves, few gnomes.

Religion: Ahvaz, Dorum, Kum-Dag, Lassu, Laza, Liridon, Sanna.

Industry: Ale, cheese, coal, fish, grains, magic items, pigs, sheep, shellfish, stone, wool.

Cities and Towns: Bodengate, et al.

Geography: Clane occupies the extreme northwestern terminus of Tellum—a large, rocky peninsula which can be further divided into three smaller peninsulas. The Clanish territory also includes a long chain of rocky islands off the western coast of the peninsula and across the Strait of Hvaldir from the Nabtarn Islands. Two relatively low mountain ranges run up the length of Clane, dispersing into a great area of rocky foothills. The majority of Clanish settlements have grown up in the grassy valleys between mountains or on the region’s coasts, although a few important centers, as well as numerous wizard’s towers, can be found amongst the hills and mountains of Clane.

History: Clane is a rocky, hilly northern peninsula known for its former imperial dominance over the greater region. After the fall of the Clanish Empire, control of the traditional Clanish heartland was seized by a cabal of archmages who maintain control today in the form of a council of five. The archmages’ control over the region is absolute and often oppressive, and only arcanists can hope to have a position of real power in Clane. Despite past grievances, Clane maintains an active trading presence throughout many of the human kingdoms and beyond.

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The Magocratic Republic of Clane

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