The Nabtarn Islands

Nabtarn islands

Capital: Deort.

Government: Tribal (a confederation of tribes led by a chieftain).

Ruler: High Chief Holgar Swims-with-Sharks.

Races: Humans.

Religion: Animistic / Shamanistic (a system of ancestor worship combined with the earliest shamanistic beliefs of the human race, pre-dating the current human pantheon).

Industry: Fish, root vegetables, seals, sheep, shellfish, whales, woad, wool.

Cities and Towns: Deort.

Geography: The Nabtarn Islands are a small subarctic island chain off the northeastern coast of Clane. The islands are quite rocky and are covered in scarce, scrubby vegetation during the few months of the year in which snow isn’t blanketing them.

History: The islands are inhabited by a small group of primitive human tribes known for the ferocity with which they have defended their island homeland against the marauding Clanish fleets. The islands have remarkably been able to maintain their independence since the dawn of human civilization, although some historians would argue that this is because there is little of value in the frozen archipelago. Nevertheless, this long history of autonomy has produced in the Nabtarnian tribes a unique surviving example of human culture from before the arrival of the Old Gods. Insular and generally hostile to outsiders, Nabtarnians are never seen away from their islands and are rumored to practice cannibalism as part of their shamanistic rites.

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The Nabtarn Islands

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